Photography Tips

Tips for Taking Great Pictures of your Kids

Since most people can't afford to hire a professional to take pictures of their kids every month-I've devised a little tip list on how to maximize your own skills behind the camera. If you keep these suggestions in mind, you just might end up with some awesome shots of your children-all on your own. 1. Clothing can make a picture. I love simplicity on little kids and trendy/funky clothing on anyone from the age of 2 and up. Tights, boots, hats, bikini's, sunglasses-all are fun. If you have an eye for color, play around with complimentary colors (clothing in one color, wall or outside scape in its complimentary shade).


(above shows complimentary colors: red & green - yellow & purple. This adds intention to the portrait without feeling over done)

2. Don't force your children to stay still and don't tell them to say cheese. This never works. Let them do what they want to do, dance, play, etc. Just stay behind your camera and talk to them.

3. Use as much natural light as possible. Shoot them in front of a window or by a sliding glass door. If you can shut your flash off on your camera, excellent. Of course, it should be bright in the room you're working in.

4. Don't be afraid to get down on the ground, so you're on their level.

5. Get snap happy. Digital allows us to take tons of pictures and delete the bad ones afterward. Obviously, hiring a professional to take your child's picture once or twice a year is recommended. We've got the best skills, experience and gear available—but during the in between times, try this out. You may surprise yourself!

Tips for your own Newborn Shoot

For those who want to try something different with a newborn shoot, your bedroom is a great option. I think its such a nice alternative, showing what really goes on between a mom and her baby. If you want to try something like this in your own home, the key is having natural light available in the room. In the pictures below, there was a large sliding glass door directly to the left of the bed. Having the light flood the space allowed me to capture the moment naturally-with the end result feeling peaceful, quite and calm. Just the way a baby likes it! ingjack



Wedding Photography Tip List

After doing many weddings, and seeing many different scenarios take place, I’ve tried to comprise a list of helpful tips for the day. turks31


1. Check to be sure you have coverage from direct sunlight. Whether by trees, tent, a gazebo or building shade. If it is a sunny day and you have no blockage from the sun, you may have squinty eyes or harsh dark shadows cutting through your face. There is only so much “filling in” shadows a flash can do. An outdoor ceremony that takes place at sunset or 1.5 hours before sunset is fine in direct sunlight. This is optimal outdoor shooting time when the light is golden.

2. Think about where you are positioning yourself for the ceremony. If your officiant is standing in front of a wall or building, and you are facing him, the photographer can not get shots of your face from the front because it is blocked by the wall. We can only get shots from behind and the sides. If you can avoid this, great...but if you can’t it’s not the end of the world. Just something to consider.

3. I recommend taking into consideration how the "wind" will effect the hairstyle you choose. Loose curls framing the face can be an issue if you're getting married outside and its windy. I learned this from my own experience as a bride. Hair slapping you across the cheeks, lips and forehead isn't that pretty in the pictures and there is only so much I can photoshop off your skin.

4. When it rains--go with it! Accessories such as fun umbrellas, rain boots or something unique can add to your rainy wedding while having your personality shine through. We have no control over weather, but we can have some control over the artistic imagery of such a day.

5. If you have pale skin, brightly colored umbrellas can reflect on your skin tone and face. This has happened in the past. It can be digitally corrected to an extent, but if you can pick an umbrella in gray, black, white or something neutral--it helps!


1. If you know you want to take group photos of certain family members and you have the ability to let them know in advance, do so. You can do it at your rehearsal dinner, or during your receiving line. Just say, “we’re doing some family photos after this and we’d like to have you in them, so can you just meet us at xyz in 10 minutes for some quick shots.” This way you don’t have to run around trying to find anyone.

2. Even if you are against posed portraits, we recommend doing a few so you can give something to your parents that is more traditional and might be something they’d enjoy. 1 hour is PLENTY of time for the entire situation to take place. It is less than an hour if there aren’t tons of family members to group.

3. If you want to have a large group shot of ALL the guests at the wedding, coordinate with the MC so they can make an announcement. This can save lots of time trying to gather up stragglers. Also, give us a heads up so we can prepare if necessary.


1. If you have the opportunity to set aside free time with your spouse directly after the ceremony...think about doing it. I went to a wedding, and instead of a receiving line, they disappeared for 10 minutes to have to themselves. They stepped away from the affair, and just looked back on what they were being a part of. It was pretty cool, and I thought to myself that I wish I had done that at my wedding. Of course, if you’re a hustle and bustle type, taking a few minutes off may stress you out too! So the choice is yours.


2. To insure we get the kiss during the ceremony hold it for a little longer than 3 seconds. You’ll totally forget this, but maybe I can subconsciously plant it in your brain by writing it down here!

3. Make sure someone knows how to bustle your dress in advance!

4. Avoid doing shots before the portrait time (or whatever you party juice may be). The situation usually becomes a bit chaotic. I actually have a small formula I will share for what usually happens: Drunken = harder to gather and get attention from = longer it will take to get the portraits done. Prone to more blinks and wine tooth. Trust me!

5. Enjoy the planning part, day dreaming about what the day will be like is half the fun.