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New Jersey Boudoir Photographer | Valentine's Pin Up Fun!

NewJerseyBoudoirphotographer1 This past Saturday was my second annual Valentines Boudoir Day. It's so much fun, I always work with fabulous clients and the results are always wonderful and girly. I  collaborated with makeup artist Kerry Crawford. She transforms the girls into what they hope to be--in this case a pin-up girl! I photographed this particular clients' wedding and her newborn baby boy's photo shoot. Can you believe in less than a year after having her son she is doing this shoot for a Valentine gift? She's my hero!









Courtnay & Bridget-Sister shoot

This past Friday I met up with some friends to do a sister shoot. They had both just gotten their trial makeup done by my favorite makeup artist, Kerry Crawford ( for Bridget's upcoming wedding. Of course, they both looked gorgeous so I was super excited to take their picture! Here are some shots that stood out the most to me:

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Hoboken, New Jersey Portrait Photography

Cousin Shoot

Before we left for vacation we did a "cousin shoot" with all of the girls on my mom's side of the family. Our one cousin was visiting from Alaska so I decided it would be the perfect time to all get together and take a shot of us girls. I normally don't post anything that contains myself, but I had to make an exception on this because the pictures are so fun. I wanted the feel to be different from a traditional family photo-more fashion-y. Plus, what a good excuse to get all dolled up, right? The shoot took place at the Madison Train Station in Madison, NJ. Its a really fun place for are some favorites--can you believe the age span between us is almost a full 20 years? cousin1





Boudoir Shoot

New Jersey Boudoir Photography

Today I had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful bride-to-be. As a surprise gift for her fiance, she chose to do a boudoir shoot. Of course it was a blast, we had Kerry ( do the makeup-which was fantastic as always. There are so many fun shots I'd love to post but the only one who's allowed to see all of them is her lucky man!

New Jersey Boudoir Photography

New Jersey Boudoir Photography

New Jersey Boudoir Photography

New Jersey Boudoir Photography

New Jersey Boudoir Photography

Valentines Portrait Day

Yesterday was my first all day girly shoot. It was a complete success, and so much fun. Each girl was allotted two hours for hair, makeup, and mulitple shooting scenes.  Our makeup artist-Kerry Dering, (based out of Westfield did an amazing job. I have never seen anyone create such flawless faces before. Here are some shots from my first client...her ethereal look inspired soft beautiful imagery. ari




My next model was interested in more of a  boudior shoot, to be given as a gift for Valentines Day to her husband overseas in Iraq. Her makeup was edgier, the hair was sexy–and the pictures are so much fun. Here are a few that aren't too revealing...





For the next shoot, we tried out a few looks and situations. First we did a bedroom shoot. The light was really fantastic so we wanted to take full advantatge of it while we had it. We had big hair and sexy eyes, a winning combo....




After the bedroom, we opted for a Hollywood Starlet vibe....



My next client arrived and we decided to do a mixture of boudoir, pin up and bodyscapes. Here ya go:





Body Scapes

bodyscape A few days ago I had the opportunity to try out some dramatically lit body scapes. Its kind of like a celebration of what makes woman beautiful, their curves. I think this is a great gift idea for yourself or for the one you love. I am doing a Valentines Day Girlie shoot later this month (its sold out already), and this is one aspect of what I plan on photographing. Any body type, any age can be captured in this way. I think its a truly fabulous way to embrace your inner and outer beauty. Many thanks to my models! If anyone is interested in doing something like this, send me an email



Shots in the 'hood

sarah21 One positive thing about living in an urban environment is the vast array of cool backdrops you can use for a photoshoot. I had notices this plain gray textured wall right around the corner from my house. I thought it could be a fun background for a picture, with someone wearing something brightly colored. I just got this coat from Old Navy (60% off-thank you)-so we used it in the shoot...and there you go!

Ode to Edie Sedgwick

I just got home from a very successful photo shoot starring my old friend Katie. We decided to go totally 60's mod using Edie Sedgwick from The Factory/Andy Warhol's muse. I think we did a fab. job recreating the look. It was so much fun to shoot, I think we both had a blast doing it! kate2

Big Hair

So I'm in the midst of re-designing my website with new pictures and stuff...and as I sift through all of my disks of images I came across these beauties. I *convinced* my girlfriends into teasing their hair nice and big and we went off into the North End in Boston to take pictures. Needless to say, people were staring. The ladies were totally not happy with my vision of big hair, which is surprising since the 3 of us are all from Jerz and are known for the love of a big teased hair-do. kate1