Clothing Inspirations for your Photoshoot

In my opinion there are 3 ingredients needed to make a photoshoot a complete success: * A good photographer (perhaps that is me?) * A great spot for pictures (and great lighting) * The right outfit

So here is a list of some websites that I think offer unique and fun clothes for shoots:

1. Clothing designer: Kate Mack - google her and you'll find a bunch of websites that sell her dresses and cute tu-tu bathing suites. You can even find used clothing on ebay for much less!

2. Online clothing boutique with whimsical & trendy baby and children's clothing:

3. Etsy: All things homemade: if you're looking for inexpensive fairy outfits or one of a kind dresses, knitwear, baby apparel-this is the place! I buy lots of  my props from this site. If I could, I'd buy waaay more!

Some girlie favorites on etsy:

* design your own rainbow tu-tu (what? how much fun is that??):

* funky girl's dresses:

If you want to share your input, feel free!!