New Jersey Family Photographer | Mystic, CT lifestyle shoot

I don't really write much in my blog.

I try to let my pictures express the feelings of each shoot. But in this case, I feel it's important.

This session is considered a "lifestyle" shoot. Which is sort of like when you look back on the memories of YOUR life. There are things that stick out....traditions, favorite times, that feeling you had when you were happy, in that memory you have saved IN your heart. It might just be your daily routine, or bed time reading books, snuggled in bed. Maybe its Sunday mornings, when you and the family walk down to town, grabbing special treats or going out to breakfast.

These lifestyle shoots capture those favorite moments you want DOCUMENTED.  So you can look back and actually reLIVE those moments that your memory etched into your soul. 

Here is a lifestyle shoot done in Mystic, Connecticut. A typical "special" Sunday morning....


New Jersey Family Photographer | Happy Holidays from Meredith Mascola Photography

I'm not one to write much in this blog section, but today is a special day. Christmas is almost here, and my holiday photo season has come to an end. With that I wanted to say THANK YOU. 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful families with me. Allowing me to witness the love you all have for your children, and each other. Thank you for trusting in me to translate that love in to pictures you will have for years. Memories that will last a lifetime.

It's an honor, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I found something I love to do and that I am ABLE to do as a profession.

So from my family to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and here's to a HEALTHY NEW YEAR! 


Some favorites from my own holiday shoot....