New Jersey Family Photographer | Cole's 1 year shoot

Today I met up with Cole and his parents for his one year photo shoot. I was so excited that we got to do the shoot outdoors, showcasing all of the fabulous snow we got just days ago (winter shoots are my personal favorite, partially because I love shooting in snow!). Cole is such a cutie pie, he was all smiles, mixed with lot of intense studies of the landscape surrounding him. The mix of facial expressions was perfect "baby model face". The bottom line is that I am totally obsessed with the outcome. Hope you agree!

New Jersey Family Photographer | outdoor winter shoot

Although yesterday seemed a bit gloomy, it was actually quite warm for a winter shoot, and the lighting was soft and lovely for pictures. I met up with the sweetest little sisters for their first ever "professional" portraits (they were naturals, as to be expected with faces like this). There was lots of frolicking and posing going on, and I'm loving the end results. Hope you enjoy the sneak peak.

Manhattan Family Photographer | Luca and Nico

I met up with these two handsome fellas at Fort Tyrone for their holiday pictures earlier this week. I love working with them because they're so much fun (coming up with posing ideas and spots to take pictures...can ya stand it?!). The end result meant tons of great choices to pick from...hope you like my selections for the blog!

New Jersey Family Photographer | Winter Valentine

Yesterday, I woke up and had the urge to do a shoot with shades of pink against turquoise skies. I was heading to Sparta to visit my family, so I thought I would email my friend who lives in town that is an artist. I knew if I told her my initial inspiration she would come up with something special, and she did. Unfortunately,  it was so cold and the snow was covered in a sheet of ice, so we only lasted outside for about 15 minutes. But within that time we laughed and froze and I was able to capture what I envisioned.

New Jersey Family Photographer | Winter fun

Winter is my favorite season. I love the contrast of a blue sky against fresh white snow. The long winter shadows from the sun and the silence that the snow creates just make me feel so at peace. Every year I think how fun it would be to do a family photo shoot outside after a snow storm...but unfortunately, no one requests it.

Therefore, I decided to offer a free photoshoot this week. I wanted everyone to be able to visualize how beautiful snow- mixed with fun clothes with lots of color would be.

Lets face it, when you're out in the snow and you are comfortable- you can't help but have fun!