In Utero Body Painting

I had this idea after talking about normal body painting with a friend of mine. As we were talking I was like... "hmm...wouldn't it be fun to paint a pregnant belly-and then take a picture of it?!" ingrid1

I used to paint pretty regularly and show/sell my paintings in some galleries in Boston. But with so much picture taking going on, that's sort of slipped to the back burner. It was nice to mix the 2 mediums together to create a totally unique work of art. This was a new experience for both me and my pretty little partner.My "test model" was my cousin who is due in 3 weeks. Perfect canvas. We went through lots of face paint to get this puppy covered though! It was so much fun to do and we were both totally happy with the end result. I think the little boy inside also enjoyed it since he was moving around the whole time.


Anyway, these are some of the shots. I love them. Maybe I'm biased...