NYC Portrait Photographer | Proposal in Central Park

Last weekend we headed to Central Park, to capture a wedding proposal. This was a first for us, which meant a high level of excitement+ adrenaline since we didn't know what to expect. We got to the park early and scouted out the "area" the proposal would take place. It was a secluded spot with special meaning for Gregory and Hayley (the lovebirds we were about to take pix of) --right near The Boathouse, on the shoreline of the lake. We originally wanted to be across the lake, sniper stye--but when we arrived we saw just how overgrown the trees were and we realized there was no way we'd be able to see anything. So we took a chance and camped out within feet from where they'd be. Gregory sent me a text when they were getting close, and we took our places.  My husband was practically right next to them, acting like he was taking pictures of birds or something...and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off in the woods trying to find a spot that wasn't totally blocked by bushes. Once I found a spot with a good vantage point the paparazzi-ing began. It was such an amazing experience to witness...these guys are very much in love. I couldn't help but get chills watching everything unfold. Hopefully the pictures tell the story of the moment. I don't even think Hayley knows we were there taking the pictures to this very moment. This blog entry may be her first realization. How special is that?

Props to you Gregory, for being thoughtful enough to have it forever captured in pictures as well as in your hearts!