New Products for 2009

Jumbo Art Collage:


A 16x20 collage of your photo shoot. If you want to spice it up-you can even pick images from multiple shoots done with Meredith. The collage holds up to 20 images and is a really unique and powerful piece of art to hang on your wall. Great for the budget conscious who still want something that will WOW time and time again; 16x20 $225


Guardian Angel Parent Business Cards:


This is basically a standard business card, but instead of having your business information-it has all the important information about your children. Listing their allergies and important contact information-as well as a cute picture of them-taken by Meredith!   A great thing to hand out to teachers, babysitters, and day care professionals. $30 per box of 50 2x3.5 business cards