Nancy Grace's Twins

New Jersey Baby Photographer | Shout out on Nancy Grace Tonight!

I just wanted to thank Nancy Grace for giving a shout out to me on her show tonight- she showed some shots I took this summer of her family and the twins at the beach. Thank you-I feel very special! Just in case you want to watch it, her show will be replaying tonight at 10 PM on Headline News!

New Jersey Baby Photographer | Babes on the Beach

Yesterday I headed down the Jersey shore to photograph Lucy and John David- both 1.5 years old. They have grown so much since the last time I saw them-I can't even handle how cute they are. Even with the wind and the clouds, we still managed to  have a good time playing on the beach and got some great shots. Here are a few favorites... New Jersey Baby Photographer

Nancy Grace's Twins at the beach

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New Jersey celebrity baby photograper