New Jersey twin photographer

New Jersey Twin Photographer | Nicholas & Lilly

Yesterday morning I met up with Nicholas and Lilly for a shoot down by Lake Mohawk. Its been about a year since we've seen each other last, and I can't get over how big these guys have gotten. We had a great time together, and thankfully, the weather was beautiful. After a month of rain, it was nice to be outside in the sunshine again!

...and you know there was an outfit change...had to share some of these too!!

New Jersey Twin Photographer | Lucas and Penelope

This morning I met up with Lucas and Penelope for their 1 year shoot (well technically they're 13.5 months old). Its crazy to think its been a year since our last shoot...they've grown so much. It was fun watching them interact with each other, explore the gardens and hang with their parents. We had some moments of chaos and tears, but in between such events we had marvelous smiles and happiness. I may have to showcase an "out-take" of craziness on my facebook fan page- but for the blog, we'll keep it to all the pretty ones! Enjoy...

New Jersey Family Photographer | Ethan and Benjamin

Yesterday I headed down to Hamilton, NJ to visit  good friends + to photograph their beautiful twin boys. Its crazy to think that it was over 2  years ago, we were doing their newborn portraits. The park we took pictures at yesterday was super pretty, I was shocked at how many flowers were in bloom (definitely more than up here in Hudson County!). Here are some shots from our time together....