Hoboken newborn photographer | Maddox

This week I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable newborn, Maddox. I was so excited to meet him, and to catch up with his parents and older brother. So much has changed within the past year - mainly the addition of Maddox to their family. Hope you enjoy this snippet of our shoot.

Hoboken Newborn Photographer | Lila, 9 days old

Yesterday I met up with little miss Lila Wren and her family for her very first photo shoot. Lila was so alert, I swear she didn't want to miss the party so she did her very best to stay awake the whole time. Its like she knew she was getting her picture taken and wanted to be sure she was giving her best face at all times. OK, so maybe we got her to sleep for a few minutes....just enough time to capture some super sweet peaceful poses!

New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Harrison, 6 days old

Today I had the pleasure of meeting my very good friends baby boy, Harrison. This guy is a total dream boat with his perfect skin and amazing lips. In between our peaceful portraits was lots of laugher and happiness. There's nothing quite like photographing an old friends baby, and watching their family grow. Congratulations J & J!

Hoboken Newborn Photographer | Eula, 3 weeks old

This week I met up with Eula for her very first photo shoot. Oh my, what a sweet little baby gir l-- with such a peaceful temperament! She didn't want to miss a beat during her shoot, so she stayed awake the entire time. She was such a trouper as she allowed us to change her in to different outfits and shoot her in an array of looks. Loving this baby doll, especially her cheeks and those eyes!

Hoboken Newborn Photographer | Landon, 7 days old

Today I photographed a very handsome 7 day old baby boy. He was a total dreamboat....not only was this baby boy super cute, but he also had a mellow personality that was beyond totally adorable. I had so much fun photographing him, I mean, between the face and the yawn expressions - who wouldn't be in heaven?!

Totally looking like his dad (see above shot complete with dad vintage portrait).

New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Julia, 15 days old

Last week I photographed this adorable little newborn baby girl, Julia. We think she may have been having a growth spurt on the day of her shoot because she was way  more interested in eating, than having her newborn pictures taken. However, in between bouts of feasting, we were able to snap these beautiful pictures. Such an angel face baby!

New Jersey Family Photographer | Julie's first shoot

I was super excited to photograph today's newborn, Julie. I've been working with her family since  her parents got married five years ago. Not only are they always a blast to work with, but its also so much fun to see their family grow and change. We did a shoot a little over a month ago with her big sister Josie - when Julie was still a bump in her mama's belly. Now here she is workin' it for the camera and I love it!