Hoboken Newborn Photographer

Hoboken Newborn Photographer | Suzette, 11 days old

This morning I met up with Suzette for her very first photo shoot. The first thing I noticed was her luxurious hair (can you stand it?!?). I was instantly smitten. She slept through the 1st portion of her shoot so we were able to position her how we wanted to and we got her in lots of cute looks. Once we made it through that portion of her shoot, it was like she knew it was time to open her eyes. She was looking right in to the lens and giving us little smiles. Talk about a picture perfect shoot!

Hoboken Newborn Photographer | Joshua, 8 days old

Today I met up with Joshua for his very first photo shoot. I would like to refer to this little guy as "Mr. Personality" because when I showed up, he briefly woke up from a nap, and gave me about 10 different amazing facial expressions before peacefully falling back in to a slumber. I totally fell in love with him instantly, and I'm sure you all will too when you see the pictures I chose to display on the blog. Enjoy!

Hoboken Newborn Photographer | Christian's first shoot

Today I headed to Hoboken for a photo shoot with Christian- who is only a few weeks old. He was such a rock star, letting us change him so many times without making a peep! Since he was so fabulous to work with, we were able to get lots of different looks. I like to refer to the above image as "a boys best friend" - can you stand the dog posing it up like a little doggie model?!? Love it.

Hoboken Newborn Photographer | Everett's first shoot

This morning I headed down the hill into Hoboken for a newborn shoot with Everett. It was great to see his parents again, I can't believe it was a little over a month ago that we were doing their maternity shoot. The moment I saw Everett I knew we were going to have a great session, he is a super peaceful and alert baby with a great head of hair! I'm thrilled with the way everything turned out-what a way to end the 2010 shooting year!