New Jersey newborn photographer

New Jersey Maternity Photographer | Garden Fun

Today I had the opportunity to photograph a super creative and fun couple for maternity photos. They are both musicians and were looking for something unique and different for their portraits, so we chose the Van Vleck gardens for the shoot. I figured, with all this rain we've been getting...the flowers must be blooming and the grass has got to be bright green. We were not disappointed at all by the grounds, and we lucked out because for the duration of our shoot, the sun was shining and the light was spectacular. As a result, I'm excited with our results. Here's a little preview, enjoy!

New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Charlie's Shoot

This afternoon I met up with Charlie and his mom for his first photoshoot. Charlie is just under 2 weeks old, and is absolutely gorgeous.  I am so happy that I brought my new owl hat that I purchased on Etsy, because his mom loves owls (it was totally meant to be!). We had a wonderful time together, and I'm thrilled with how everything turned out. Here's a sneak peak.....

New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Charlie's first shoot

This week I headed to Rhode Island to meet my bff's baby boy, Charlie. Not only is he totally adorable, but he is also such a good baby. We got to know each other yesterday and finished our first meeting with a fabulous photoshoot today. I don't think I've ever met a baby that smiles as much as him- which isn't that big of a surprise since his parents are 2 of the funniest people I know. Here's a little glimpse....

New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Josie's first shoot

NJnewbornPhotographer3 Today I headed down to Fair Haven, NJ to photograph Josie-who is just a few weeks old. I shot her parents wedding a few years back, so it was great to catch up with them and to meet the new addition to their family. We had so much fun, and I love the pictures. Here's a little glimpse into our day....








..and now for the grand finale-the Rock-n-Roll baby shot (please note the Jim Beam  bottle complete with nipple top--Josie's Dad thought of that perfect accessory!!)


New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Pregnancy Shoot

NewJerseyNewbornPhotographer14 Yesterday I headed down to Locust, NJ for a pregnancy photo shoot. The idea behind the session was to celebrate the coming of a winter baby-so we chose to shoot primarily outdoors. It was so much fun-we lucked out with a relatively warm afternoon. The lighting was beautiful and I'm so excited with the results. I was able to work with my favorite makeup artist on this shoot as well, Kerry Crawford.













New Jersey baby photographer | published work

A few months back I had the opportunity to do some commercial photography work for a new clothing line ( which should be out in the next few months. The story is published on the San Fernando Valley Sun website, my photo is the first one on the right side!

Picture 4

Here's the link to the full story:

New Jersey Newborn Photographer | Newborn Twins

New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Today I spent the day with these adorable newborn twins. They just got home from the hospital and were so tiny and precious. The shoot was a complete success, I'm so happy I was able to meet the entire family!

New Jersey Newborn Portrait Photographer

New Jersey Newborn Portrait Photography

trendy Newborn Portrait Photographer

New Jersey Newborn Portrait Photography

New Jersey Newborn Portrait Photography

New Jersey Newborn Portrait Photography

New Jersey Newborn Portrait Photography

New Jersey Newborn Portrait Photography